Bio X4 Benefits For Weight Loss And A Healthier Digestive System

By Bradley
on 26.04.2016 Mon 02 May 2016

bio x4 side effectsMost comfort foods end up in an uncomfortable way, especially, if you have a weak digestion. Moreover, the excessive sugar, flavor enhancers like MSG and artificial chemicals in modern diets have an addictive effect on our eating psychology and it tends to make us overeat.

Modern food is designed to please the senses, and in times of stress, we often tend to overeat. The natural balance of our body is lost in the maze of unhealthy fast food and erratic eating. The most visible effect of this is obesity. This often ends up in depression, and ironically, our brains are programmed to eat more during depressions. It’s worthwhile to mention here that obesity is not just one single problem but the origin of multiple other disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, joint pains and even cancer.

To break out of the vicious cycle, some important change in your diet and lifestyle is needed. You can also expect some help from the modern achievements in the field of biotechnology. Nucific's Bio x4, is one such marvel of scientific endeavor. It is a pill engineered to contain a mix of enzymes, probiotics, green tea extract and a secret ingredient that has successfully treated many weight disorders. Read on, to know more about this wonder pill.

Ingredients In Bio X4

· Probiotics- The first most promising elixir of healthy metabolism is probiotics. It is found way down in the food chain, in the domain of bacteria, but often punches well above its weight. Probiotics are the perfect symbiosis for the human intestine. These are healthy, gut friendly soldiers that metabolize your food and keep your gut clean and clear. The pill has some supreme strains from a number of species like L. acidophilus, L. rhamnous, B. lactius and more. They not only stain out hard-to-digest fats but also improves the overall gut health. Probiotics are also known to naturally produce a range of vitamin B.

· Enzyme blend- Enzymes stand in the frontline of the digestive process. It basically acts as a catalyst by breaking down food into smaller molecules. One example can be, the enzyme, Lipase, which breaks down fats and oils into tiny lipid molecules. Plentiful researches, from various institutions, have shown that the lack of adequate enzymes in out gut can be a big cause for overeating and obesity. Nucific's Bio x4 contains a blend of the three most vital enzymes, Lipase, Bromealin, and Amylase. Bromealin is found naturally in pineapples and can smash fats and protein into smaller components. The last enzyme, amylase has multiple roles to play and is known to repair tissue damage and improve blood circulation.

· Green tea extract- Loaded with bioactive chemicals, the polyphenols green tea extract can work wonders in many aspects of your health. The two most profound polyphenols present in green tea are flavonoids and catechins. These are powerful antioxidants and a category of super food too. The extracts are known to increase metabolism in the body. It burns out fat naturally and releases energy in the process. It basically is an internal workout in some ways. It also has many other proven benefits like improved cardiovascular health, longevity, and even more concentration power.

· 5-HTP- This has a long scientist name, 5-Hydroxytryptophan. This may seem like an alphabet jungle, but it is found naturally in Caralluma Fimbriata, a plant of African origin. The scientific community is shaken by the sheer number of possible uses this chemical has. Two already confirmed facts are; first, it is a natural appetite suppressant. Secondly, it is known to promote the biosynthesis of two crucial neurotransmitters, serotonin, and melatonin.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

Some possible Bio X4 side effects of 5HTP are nausea, a feeling of bloated stomach and some degree of lethargy. These are harmless effects and only symptoms of change. These may be felt for the first few times and is known to disappear with regular doses. Don’t mix this pill with any other anti-depressant, as it can interfere in harmful ways.

Obesity can be a lifelong headache or a once upon a time problem. The choice is always present for the individual to take. Often working out and dieting can yield no tangible results and the motivation factor is lost. This pill can help you steer your lifestyle in a health direction. Once you see the results, it will defiantly motivate you to continue fight obesity. The results can somewhat be guaranteed because Nucific's Bio x4. already enjoys tremendous loyalty from a large consumer base.

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